Lindsay’s Beach Body Guide

21 Jun

Battle of the Beach Body

Lindsay here. Summer is officially in full swing and for many of us this means shorter Fridays, long awaited vacations and weekend trips to the beach. It is now that we may find ourselves off our typical gym regimens, eating out regularly and lured in by the smell of BBQ and the sound of the Mister Softee truck.

 How do we stay beach body ready in the midst of all this temptation?

Be Prepared!

Pack a stash of healthy snacks like whole fruit, protein bars, individual packages of nuts and maybe a couple Greek yogurts to throw in the refrigerator at your host’s house or in the mini fridge in your hotel room.  Always, always carry a water bottle to help stay hydrated. My honey recently bought me a fantastic bottle that I highly recommend, the mouth is wide enough for ice cubes and it comes with a handle for easy carrying. If it’s good enough for lady O than it’s good enough for me!

  Eat Out  not Pig Out

Eating out is always a treat and should be enjoyed; I try to stick to a “one of three” rule to help me stay on track. Make the choice to have a drink with dinner (I usually go for a glass of wine), eat a piece of bread from the basket, or have a few bites of dessert.  You can still enjoy a little indulgence without spoiling a whole day of healthy eating.

 Grill Master

When it comes to the BBQ, grilled chicken, lean beef and turkey burgers are great options. Even the occasional hot dog, while high in fat and sodium is not so bad. Most of the trouble comes from additional toppings like the extra cheese, mayo and ketchup, which are filled with added calories, sugar and sodium. For healthier options, try mustard, added veggies, salsa or hot sauce to give your burgers and dogs a kick.

 Get Sporty

Use the warm weather as an excuse to get outside! Take up surfing, tennis or hiking and once in a while go get yourself a choco taco!


2 Responses to “Lindsay’s Beach Body Guide”

  1. rachel langer June 21, 2011 at 9:55 am #


  2. alison nakash June 21, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

    Love this! How come your honey didn’t get a water bottle for his mommy! Thanks for all the tidbits. And yea, the coco taco looks divine!!!

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