Run For Your Life

25 Oct

Note: The following blog was written by the wonderful and talented nutritionist Lindsay Cohen, MS, RD, CDN. It was probably pretty obvious this was not written by me because the word “run” was used.

It’s that time of the year again…Halloween you may ask? Autumn? Great boots and scarf weather? Nope, it is MARATHON SEASON!!! You may have noticed an increase of spandex-clad cuties prancing through the streets and parks of your town. Perhaps it’s the beautiful fall weather or maybe because the Marine Corps (Washington DC), ING New York City and Philadelphia Marathons are fast approaching (along with a whole host of lesser publicized running extravaganzas). I understand that many people view running as the ultimate punishment, and believe that marathoners may be better suited to live in insane asylums. I can completely relate and at one time I was even on your side! But now, a couple marathons and a few triathlons later I am a complete convert, rarely does a week go by without at least four good long runs. I love the feeling of pavement under my feet, the steady rhythm that eventually courses through my whole body and the fabulous runners high at the finish. But alas, it was not always so easy. I used to dread the first 30 minutes of every run and there are many days when that is still the hardest part to get through. Eventually running become something of a comfort, it’s my time to decompress and think about the tasks ahead, the feeling of crossing a finish line isn’t too shabby either. Running is an intensely personal sport and it requires a lot of self-motivation and a certain stick-with-it-ness to eventually get into the groove. Here in New York City there are so many fabulous running groups and clubs to get you started, they basically complete the run for you…okay maybe not but they certainly make it easier. My personal favorite is the New York Road Runners They host a variety of races in Central Park and the surrounding boroughs. In addition to regular running clinics, they offer yoga for runners and strength and flexibility classes. You can even find a buddy to go running with in your hood using the Running Partners bulletin board. Your local sporting goods store can also be a great resource, The Running Company offers free Group Runs and even special speed work clinics for free. Paragon Sports has a running club and hosts various events as well. There are a whole host of other running clubs in NYC; The Dashing Whippets (, Central Park Track Club (, East River Park Track Club (, New York Flyers (, New York Harriers ( and the Front Runners( to name a few. Each team caters to different needs but most encourage membership at all levels from beginners to seasoned runners. Clubs can be a great way to meet other runners and get into the sport in a non-competitive atmosphere. Many of the clubs partner with different charitable organizations and host a variety of social events as well. If you need some inspiration this season, be sure to get out there and cheer on your local marathon runners from the sidelines. It’s great for your health, good for your mind and can be a gateway to new friendships, go on a run today!

One Response to “Run For Your Life”

  1. alison nakash October 25, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Love the runner’s high!

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