Good Company

31 Oct

Free candy, what could be better? I live for Halloween even though the idea of goblins, ghosts, bats or anything remotely scary makes me incredibly unhappy.

I am in good company as a candy lover. Here are some  celebrities’ favorite candies as reported by Dylan Lauren of Dylan’s Candy Bar.[1]

Celebrity: Kelly Ripa

Favorite Candy: Green Swedish Fish

Allison’s Comment: I wonder why just green?


Celebrity: Bill Clinton

Favorite Candy: Pay Day


Celebrity:  Cynthia Nixon

Favorite Candy:  Red Hots


Celebrity: Tom Hanks

Favorite Candy: Boston Baked Beans

Allison Comment: I love the Boston  shout out but really?


 Celebrity: Katie Couric

Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears


Celebrity: Al Roker

Favorite Candy: Smarties

Allison’s Comment: One of my favorites


Celebrity:  Robin Williams

Favorite Candy: Bazooka Gum


Celebrity: Michael J. Fox

Favorite Candy: Circus Peanuts

Allison’s Comment: Does that even count as a candy?

Celebrity: Jimmy Kimmel

Favorite Candy: Blow Pops

Allison’s Comment: Too easy


Celebrity:  Mary Kate Olsen

Favorite Candy:  Tootsie Rolls


Celebrity: Susan Lucci

Favorite Candy: Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds
Allison’s Comment: Anything with nuts and dark chocolate is not candy. It’s a health food.

 Celebrity:  Steven Speilberg

Favorite Candy: Mike and Ike


Celebrity:  Allison Margolies (aka Patrick Star)

Favorite Candy:  It is hard to narrow it down but I would say chocolate covered gummy bears.


Visit for some helpful hints on how to keep candy calories at bay


Happy Halloween!


One Response to “Good Company”

  1. alison nakash October 31, 2011 at 9:21 pm #

    I love mounds bars.

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