Gifts that Give Back-Holiday 2011 Edition

30 Nov

It is a great feeling when you find the perfect present. What is better then the elation on Aunt Sally’s face when she finds that you have given her the cupcake maker she has been hoping for? So this season buy the perfect present and donate to a worthy cause. Without further ado I present the gifts that give back-Holidays 2011

Gift Idea: As their website states “The Altruette concept couldn’t be simpler: fifty percent of the net profit from the sale of our charms goes to our cause partners.” Start with a necklace or a bracelet and then pick your favorite charms. Each charm supports a different cause. For example the cupcake charm supports the Greystone Foundation which creates jobs for ‘hard to employ’ residents. The hummingbird charm supports the Nature Conservancy, which works in all 50 states and 30 countries and has preserved more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 miles of rivers worldwide. You get the idea.

Price: Varies by charm

Where to buy:

Gift Idea:  I heard somewhere that calories don’t count if the treats you are eating are supporting a charitable cause.  If that is the case, I am going to seriously invest in cookies from The Sweet Home Project. Thirty Five percent of the retail price of every item bought  from The Sweet Home Project is donated to scholarship programs through One Family Inc. to help homeless and at risk mothers further their education.

Price: $26.99 -$109.99

Where to buy:

Gift Idea: What is sexier then a well dressed, charitable man? Nothing! Buy a tie from The Life Tie Project and help your favorite dude with his fashion sense while also supporting cancer research, prevention and care. The company’s mission includes a dream of seeing at least a ten percent reduction in cancer deaths in 10 years. They support this mission by contributing more than twenty percent of proceeds toward anti-cancer groups.

Price: $50-$68

Where to buy:

Gift Idea: I need no excuse to buy anything Jbrand so you can imagine my excitement when this apparel superstar announced that a hundred percent of the net proceeds from the sales of four of their jeans will be donated to benefit the organization City Year, a nonprofit which aims to reduce the high school dropout rate. Husband, if you are reading this, I am partial to the green.

 Price: $144

 Where to buy:

Gift Idea:  The FEED 100 BAG previously only sold at Whole Foods Markets, is adorable and great for a “green” grocery shopping bag.  Best of all for every bag bought, ONE HUNDRED Vitamin A supplements are donated through the FEED Foundation’s Nutrients Fund to children around the world. Added bonus, the bag folds up for easy storage!

 Price: $34.50

 Where to buy:


 Gift Idea: Your brother likes to have a nice glass of red wine while he watches the Red Sox sweep the Yankees.  Help him enjoy Big Papi’s home run even more by getting him a bottle of vino from Charity Wines. What is Charity Wines? Well their website explains it best.

First: We team with a superstar athlete, celebrity or other high profile/notable person and they graciously donate the use of their name and image to produce a unique wine brand.
The celebrity chooses a charitable organization to which they are particularly close.
We use our 30+ years experience in the beverage industry to source the perfect wine to match with the celebrity and his/her charity.
The generosity of the American public is unparalleled anywhere in the world, and the last (and most important) part of the puzzle is you, the consumer. You purchase the wines with your hard earned money and we donate roughly 70% of our pre-tax profits to the celebrity’s charity. The celebrity does not make one penny.

Price: $13.99

 Where to buy:


Gift idea: Most likely you have heard of TOMS Shoes. TOMS believes in the one for one movement. For every one pair of shoes purchased, TOMS will donate one pair of shoes to a child in need.  If this wasn’t enough the company has now expanded to eyewear.  For every pair of glasses bought from their new stunning collection, TOMS will give a blind or sight-challenged person around the globe — starting with Nepal, Cambodia and Tibet — medical treatment, prescription glasses, or sight-giving surgery.

 Price: $135 -$145

 Where to buy:

 Happy Holidays!


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