Lean On Me

24 Jul

Well it has been about a month since I wrote. I am not sure how the summer got away from me, but I sure am happy to be back and will try not to take such a long break in the future!

Last month, Comedian Ali Wentworth documented her eye surgery on the blog babble.com. One thing she stressed was that she really needed help because even though she had a minor day procedure, when she got home she was very out of it and couldn’t tell her pain killers from her vitamins. Going to any doctor’s office can be exhausting and coming home with a lot of instructions is very confusing, so having someone to help you is very important. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this mantra.

 This is a conversation I have had more than once with both family and friends:

Friend: On Monday I am going to through a little thing (insert biopsy, scan etc).

Me: Who is going with you?

Friend: No one I am fine to go by myself.

Me: Can you drive home? Who is going to help you?

Friend: No one but I will be fine.

Yes, of course they will be fine but having someone go with you is still very important.  They can drive you home, hear about your post operative instructions, fill prescriptions or just ease your anxiety. Some doctors will not release you from the hospital unless you have someone physically there to take you home.

So if you find yourself in the position of having a medical procedure, don’t go it alone. Have a family member or friend accompany you.   They won’t mind being there for you because that’s what friends are for (cue sappy music).

Check out Ali’s surgery and recovery at http://screen.yahoo.com/daily-shot/

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