Halloween M&Ms-Love it or Leave it?

18 Oct


My relationship with Halloween is complicated. On one hand, I hate anything that is even relatively scary. This includes, but is not limited to: scary movies, clowns and (if you ask the child version of me) the Sesame Street character Guy Smiley. However on the other hand, I LOVE CANDY and that is one thing that luckily also comes with Halloween.

So with that being said and with the help of some coworkers, I reviewed the Limited Edition Halloween Candy Corn M&Ms. Here are the comments:


  • “I thought they were actually very good. Not too sweet. Nice crunch and very flavorful.”
  • “A seasonal delight sure to bring a sweet-toothed smile to trick-or-treaters of all ages.”


  • “Much thicker than any other M&M I’ve ever had. Tastes like frosting, which is awesome but way sweet…Almost too sweet. Kind of got tired of eating these halfway through but I have to say I did enjoy them way more than good ol’ fashioned candy corn.”



  • “I give it a thumbs down! Give me candy corn the old-fashioned way.  Hint of chocolate OK – but a very artificial flavor otherwise.”
  • “Would not buy them-would buy the real thing-“

So the overall reviews are mixed.  I have to admit that I was not blown away by these M&Ms. I was so excited to try them because I love both M&Ms and candy corn. However I agree with one of my coworkers that they are just too sweet.  I think that Mars should stick to what they know and do best, the original M&Ms.

I would also like to review the Candy Corn Oreos. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my hands on them. Maybe next year!


One Response to “Halloween M&Ms-Love it or Leave it?”

  1. Oreo October 18, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    Perhaps someone special in your life has found a source for those candy corn oreos 🙂

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